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WOOCS v.2.3.4

Funny mummies with long necks never exercised with goblins. The goblins were too small and fast, and the funny mummies were too slow and clumsy. But one day, the funny mummies were telling jokes to the goblins, and because the jokes were so funny, the goblins became slow and clumsy just like the funny mummies! Only on that day were the mummies and the goblins able to exercise together. They walked and laughed until their legs were sore and their throats were dry. Ever since that day, the funny mummies and goblins continue to exercise together while laughing at jokes and if you are lucky, you can join them and laugh as much as they do too!


  1. Why did the mummies never exercise with the goblins?
  2. Why did the goblins become slow and clumsy?
  3. What can you do with the mummies and goblins?

Be creative:

  1. What happened the next time the mummies and goblins exercised together?
  2. What kind of exercises do you think they were doing?
  3. What joke would you tell them to make them laugh?


  1. What is your favourite kind of exercise and why?
  2. Talk about a time when you were clumsy.