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WOOCS v.2.3.4

About Mojo

60+ Characters
30+ Locations

Mermaids in the swamp.
Dragons in the kingdom.
Trolls in a cave under the castle. 

90+ full art cards to add life to your sentence.
Choose your hero and the location of the action in your sentence.

All 12 Tenses
40+ Action words

The alien has been eating donuts.
My grandma was teaching Spanish.
Those cyclopses have been angry for days.

Set 1: past, present and future simple
Set 2: past, present and future simple + question form
Set 3: past, present and future progressive
Set 4: present perfect simple and present perfect progressive

280+ Descriptions
Synonyms and Antonyms

Big monsters and silly goblins.
Blind ogres and delightful pirates.
Dark caves and strange stories.

Use synonyms and antonyms to more accurately describe the characters, locations and action.
The obese man bravely danced with the funny ghost.
Strong heroes walked stealthily into the gloomy cave…

12 Card Types

Nouns and Verbs
Locations and Conjunctions
Helping verbs and Prepositions
Adjectives and Adverbs
Wild and PvP cards

All the various sections of a sentence broken down into easy to use parts.
Follow the suggested patterns to form different kinds of sentences. 

Teacher's Guide

How to use Mojo Family Fun and get the most out of the game.

Set 1

Set 1

  • past, present, future simple tense
  • affirmative and negative sentences

Black PvP cards:
take, double points, seeing double, bring back

The monsters danced away from the zombie in the gloomy forest.
Giants sang about the tiny unicorns with butterfly wings.

Set 2

Set 2

  • past, present, future simple tense

  • affirmative, negative and question form

Black PvP cards:

super, double points plus, time warp 1, swap

Are the knights always going to tease the fairy with the robotic kangaroo?
Didn’t the witch kiss the goblins in the castle?

Set 3

Set 3

  • past, present, future progressive tense

  • full verb cards 

  • direct/indirect object

  • object pronoun “I”

  • new card type: brown cards (linking words for the most part)

Black PvP cards: TBA

Strange aliens were writing confusing poems about the sumo wrestler with the Swedish accent.
I will still be painting the rockstar’s picture at 7pm tomorrow evening.

Set 4

Set 4

  • present perfect simple and present perfect progressive

  • full verb cards

  • direct/indirect object

  • pronouns (some, every, no, any – where, thing, one, body)

Black PvP cards: TBA

The cool pirate has been cooking the mermaid lunch on his yacht in a blizzard.
The cyclops has already fixed the minotaur’s unicycle three times this week.

The Company

Mojo English PTE. LTD. is a registered company with ACRA in Singapore (201902636Z) as of 22/01/2020.

Mojo English – Educate yourself, for the FUN of it!

Mission Statement: Facilitating self-learning with a compelling, competitive twist.

Vision Statement: To consistently provide the best educational resources for grammar, vocabulary, conversation and storytelling, and to make these resources fun, effective and effortless to use for everyone.

Mojo English provides resources for teachers, students and parents to help learn and practice English in the comfort of their own home.

Mojo English was created to help people learn by themselves without spending a lot of money on after-school programs and private lessons. Nicholas Kupsch worked as a teacher for more than fifteen years, working for both private and public schools, as well as teaching individuals and groups privately. Mojo English is based in Singapore, but being an online business, content can be accessed from anywhere in the world.