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Sensible Giants

The sensible giants exercised on an island. The giants wanted to swim in the ocean surrounding the island, but there were many sea animals that would interrupt their exercise. The sea animals never understood swimming as exercise. For the sea animals, swimming was as...

Princesses Don’t High Five

Princesses don’t high five, but they do hug. In every kingdom around the world, it is the duty of princes to high five the townsfolk and it is the duty of princesses to give hugs. The princes and princesses believe they can improve the townsfolks’ happiness by giving...

Classy Queens

Are the queens going to hug in the desert? Of course not! The queens are too classy to hug in such an arid environment. If they were to hug each other, they would do so in their royal kingdoms while wearing the most pristine clothes. So why are the queens traveling to...

Lustrous Blonde Hero

The hero with the lustrous blonde hair never sings in a cave, in the mountains, or on an island. If the hero would sing in any of these places, the hero would lose their lustrous blonde hair and become bald. But sometimes the hero’s hair was too long and troublesome....