How to play

Mojo Family Fun

1. Match smiley faces for singular and plural.

The wizard runs on an island.

16 points

The monsters dance with for away from over to the troll.

26 points

2. Match the Time Symbols to form the correct tense.

The wizard ran on an island yesterday.

22 points

3. Match symbols to use correct adjectives with people, animals and locations.

The strong powerful athletic weak puny frail giant danced in a dark gloomy shadowy bright well-lit cave.

25 + 5 points

4. Match symbols to use the Extra Information cards correctly for singular, plural, people, animals and locations.

The giant in a fur coat danced on an island where it snows a lot.

25 + 3 points

5. Match smiley faces, the letter A and Time Symbols to use the correct Helping Verb and Time.

Giants don’t hug monsters every day.

27 points

6. Follow the rules at the bottom of the verb card to add an object to the sentence.

The monsters will hug the wizard tomorrow night.

30 points

7. Put the Helping Verb at the beginning of the sentence to make a question.

Did the princess dance in the desert last Halloween?

24 points

8. Match the F on the Adverb of Frequency and Time cards to use the correct time words.

The troll usually high fives the giant at night.

27 + 5 points

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