Learn English

Lesson One

Nouns, Verbs, Locations
Subject Verb Object
Singular v Plural
Definite v Indefinite Articles
Present Simple Tense
Past Simple Tense
Location Order

The Witch in the Mountains

Lesson Two

Past Simple Tense Verb Pronunciation
Verbs + Prepositions
Connecting an Object with a Preposition
Additional details about WHERE

The Mummy and the Friendly Monsters

Lesson Three

Time Words
Adverbs of Time
Present Simple Tense
Past Simple Tense
Future Simple Tense

Giant Rope

Lesson Four

Future Simple Tense
BE verb (is/are)
Helping Verbs
will / be going to
Affirmative Sentences
Base Verb
Bare / Full Infinitive

Mad Magician

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