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Mojo Family Fun Set 1

(9 customer reviews)


A competitive, strategic, family-friendly card game of grammatically correct, yet hilarious sentences.

In stock

Mojo Family Fun is a sentence building card game for the whole family. Players get 7 cards to make a sentence and each card has points based on correct grammar use. Colours and symbols guide players who are non-native English speakers. Some cards affect the whole game or other players, and other cards give you an extra advantage in this competitive, strategic, family-friendly card game.

Mojo Family Fun is a lot of fun for both children and adults. It takes about 10 minutes to learn and can quickly become a fast game that you can play for anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour-long mega competition.

Multiple unique ways to play the game… or use the cards however you want to.

Thousands of sentence and vocabulary possibilities.

Easily used as inspiration for storytelling or creative writing.

The game is also designed as an English course for the past, present and future simple tenses in English grammar.

9 reviews for Mojo Family Fun Set 1

  1. Anita Heath

    Super Spiel!!! Kenne nichts, was besser ist👍

  2. Oliver Horsburgh

    An absolutely great game for the family! Our 6yo son loves to play it and has fun creating funny sentences! Good fun and great way to learn along the way too!!

  3. Phillip

    This game is awesome!.. all of my nephew’s are loving it!. I got this game by the help of my good friend. Obviously, he bought it online. It’s a Fun way to learn english as well as bonding with kids. 100% highly recommend.
    Cheers mojo! Good job!

  4. Jake Shih

    Awesome game to increase fluency fast. Playing the game with kids brings out the imaginations of the players. I can play for hours with the kids in the building.

  5. Savannah Teekel

    Wow! What an awesome game to learn and have fun with. From children to adults it’s really easy to learn. My friends and I play it at cookouts and see who can come up with the funniest sentences. Such a helpful game to learn and discover new vocabulary with. Will definitely be buying the next one. Thank you Mojo English.

  6. Sean Laurence

    This is a great game which kids can play to make English part of their everyday lives. As they play this game they get stronger at actually using the English language in practice (not just the theory).

  7. James Rowlins

    I find this game to be really useful. I teach in ELD and ESL in the classroom. This game is a fun way for my students to improve their English skills without even realizing it. I use it as a supplemental game, reinforcing things such as adverbs of frequency. I also use it as a kind of reward for my students. My students ask to play the game during breaks and other designated game times. I also enjoy playing the game. The sentences that you can create are often amusing and open the door for a deeper discussion of language. I highly recommend this game for use inside and outside the classroom.

  8. Shaun Cox

    Fast response & very helpful, I was pointed in the right direction & found the payment easy to follow. I received my items faster than expected & was very satisfied with the product. It was as easy as it says to follow the directions for use an much more enjoyable that I had hoped. I will be buying further gifts for family an friends & highly recommend everyone do the same, don’t be left behind.

  9. Kate

    What a great game that both my children thoroughly enjoy!
    My 10 year old son taught my 6 year old daughter how to play. (She is currently learning how to read and write) It has improved her skills dramatically whilst boosting my son’s confidence in his reading and grammar.
    They both love competing against one another over who has the funniest story.
    I can’t wait to get the next set to see what they come up with next!

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